a short journey


last december, the nice people at Cher Ami (“dear friend” in french) contacted me to give them a hand on a little animation / wish card they wanted to release in january, I gladly accepted which gave birth to this refreshing little thing http://www.ashortjourney.com/ Cher Ami has qualified people in house, a creative director, a copywriter/musician, a front end developer (Etienne … [Read more…]

Graph, a hidden hero


a Graph is a series of vertices (nodes) connected by edges (“segments”). it can articulate data, perform operations and provide insights on them. data visualization makes massive use of 2d planar graphs (you’ve probably seen many Force Directed Graphs) but a display list, a 2D polygon, a 3D mesh, a roadmap are also graphs of some sort. in its simplest … [Read more…]

FBO particles


particles are awesome. I can’t tell how many particle engines I’ve written for the past 15 years but I’d say a lot. one reason is that it’s easy to implement and quickly gives good looking / complex results. in august 2014, I started a year-long project that never shipped (which I playfully codenamed “the silent failure”), … [Read more…]

ray marching (with THREE.js)


Ray marching is a technique used to render complex shapes and lightings, it’s been around for years but got some huge momentum in the past 5 years. I had some spare time and decided to give it a spin. there are some really good online tools if you want to play around : shadertoy glslsandbox shdr glslb.in the … [Read more…]

least energy path


I’m trying to get a proper quilting algorithm to work, one of the important steps is to cleverly “cut” a portion of the image that is going to be drawn on top of another. so I was thinking of how I’d work around this and came up with something I thought was worth sharing. the idea … [Read more…]



Justin Windle is a very talented creative developer and I’ve been following his work for years, check his website if you’re not convinced. he started an enterprise called stuvio ; the goal is to allow generative artists to exhibit and sell prints of their works. he gathered a selection of creative coders / generative artists … [Read more…]



“Harriet” is the name of a project I did for the Christmas Experiments 2014. if you don’t have WebGL, you can still watch this video: if you do have WebGL, you can try it out here. there’s a github repo here : Harriet’s Github Repo. ( some ugly things there… ) the initial idea was to create a generative toy … [Read more…]

marching squares


a short post about the marching squares algorithm, a technique mostly used to vectorize the outline of a binary image. it’s a very well known & very well spread technique, I happened to have some spare time & the urge to do something graphic. for a start let’s look at how things work. the idea is to draw … [Read more…]


Capture d'écran 2015-08-15 12.46.22

a month ago, for no specific reason, I decided to implement a 2D top-down visibility algorithm. I always found the output beautiful both graphically & conceptually yet, as I don’t make games, I never tacckled it. visibility algorithms are often used to simulate lights ; to determine which areas of a space are enlightened and which … [Read more…]