FBO particles


particles are awesome. I can’t tell how many particle engines I’ve written for the past 15 years but I’d say a lot. one reason is that it’s easy to implement and quickly gives good looking / complex results. in august 2014, I started a year-long project that never shipped (which I playfully codenamed “the silent failure”), … [Read more…]

ray marching (with THREE.js)


Ray marching is a technique used to render complex shapes and lightings, it’s been around for years but got some huge momentum in the past 5 years. I had some spare time and decided to give it a spin. there are some really good online tools if you want to play around : shadertoy glslsandbox shdr glslb.in the … [Read more…]

least energy path


I’m trying to get a proper quilting algorithm to work, one of the important steps is to cleverly “cut” a portion of the image that is going to be drawn on top of another. so I was thinking of how I’d work around this and came up with something I thought was worth sharing. the idea … [Read more…]



Justin Windle is a very talented creative developer and I’ve been following his work for years, check his website if you’re not convinced. he started an enterprise called stuvio ; the goal is to allow generative artists to exhibit and sell prints of their works. he gathered a selection of creative coders / generative artists … [Read more…]



“Harriet” is the name of a project I did for the Christmas Experiments 2014. if you don’t have WebGL, you can still watch this video: if you do have WebGL, you can try it out here. there’s a github repo here : Harriet’s Github Repo. ( some ugly things there… ) the initial idea was to create a generative toy … [Read more…]

marching squares


a short post about the marching squares algorithm, a technique mostly used to vectorize the outline of a binary image. it’s a very well known & very well spread technique, I happened to have some spare time & the urge to do something graphic. for a start let’s look at how things work. the idea is to draw … [Read more…]


Capture d'écran 2015-08-15 12.46.22

a month ago, for no specific reason, I decided to implement a 2D top-down visibility algorithm. I always found the output beautiful both graphically & conceptually yet, as I don’t make games, I never tacckled it. visibility algorithms are often used to simulate lights ; to determine which areas of a space are enlightened and which … [Read more…]