Nicolas Barradeau is a GRAPHIC CODER
he did actionscript and learns the arcanes of html, css, javascript & webgl to become good at it. he loves 2d, 3d, geometry and animation
now he has a blog called YOUPI!
a knife configurator in webgl & css first paid HTML work
oscillator study web audio api 8 bit spree inside
spanning tree a nice graph something
normal and the cheap blooms

slices a webgl gif something...
loca loco a webgl physics toy train
hydra a generative shadow play
it's now part of the Chrome Experiments
a slide deck and a zip of a talk at rtbc
a scary website for betc
a playful conference at fmx

a peaceful stroll first webgl (dead on chrome)
triangles in processing + loud music
[ here be dragons ]
he also has a wonderfl, a codepen, an openprocessing, a flickr, a vimeo