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Nicolas Barradeau

former Fine-Arts student now working as a freelance creative coder. I'm specialized in online 2D/3D real-time graphics, animations and dataviz. I've used Machine Learning more and more for the past 2 years.

if you have a project or want more details about something: barradeau@gmail.com

I have a blog called YOUPI!, it was on hold because organising GROW Paris took all the room but I should blog again soon.
I started a website to "teach" the basics of generative art, it is called YOUPI.IO (I'm not good at names)


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relevant work and such







2014 / 2015

from the Flash era: We Are Data (2013, last Flash Project), 2011, Bulgari B-zero (2010), Cut it out for change (2010) + countless smaller projects, workshops, talks ...
I kept a copy of my Flash blog HIDIHO!. I also saved most of the code and resources, for the curious
there's a page where I dumped pointless ideas, mostly broken but funny stuff: One Trick Ponies