1. tlecoz

    Hello !
    The results are great and it looks to work well but I doubt that it’s the correct way to do because right now, if I understood well, you only know some if some rays or inside or outside your shape but you cannot create 100 000 particles at random position and disable those out of the shape – for example –

    I never tryed to do it (and I will probably fail when I’ll try :) ) but I think I would try to cut the object into 3D-slices, then work with the 2 border (the closer one and the more distant) of each slice and try to find an elegant way to find the volume inside them. I think the slice-approach would reduce a lot of complexity in the process since each side of the slice is flat and the depth of the slice is known.

    (well, it’s clearly not easy to do but it’s interesting ! I’ll tell you if I try :) )

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