Fluffy predator with THREE.js & instanced geometry

2017-07-27 (20)

For a recent project I had to manipulate a potentially large number of meshes. I chose to use THREE.InstancedBufferGeometry as it is very efficient ; it allows to draw the same mesh many times, with different attributes, in a single drawcall. Working with instances is slightly different from using regular meshes. In a nutshell, you give the … [Read more…]

Active Contour Model


quick post about something I did last year for a project that never went anywhere. the Active Contour Model (ACM) is an old fashioned way of vectorizing the contour of an object. it works very well when an object is isolated on a flat color but the principle can also be used “live” to determine where the “border” … [Read more…]

woven maps


last christmas I offered a series of prints and plots as gifts to my family & relatives. for some of them, I used vector maps as a way to seed a graphic post-processor. it looked like this: rue Lecourbe, Paris. rue Pelleport, Paris. l’opéra de Paris. detail Notre-Dame de Paris these are the steps I followed: collect a set … [Read more…]



this post explains how I produced the following series of images: all the images are based on photos from Archive.org. I didn’t have anything special in mind, I just found these objects moving ; they were like action figures from long ago. the statues are quite small too, the printed version is roughly their actual size, small … [Read more…]

Triangle grid breakdown


this is a reply to @upupzealot asking for more details about this pen. there is no random so to speak, the PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) creates a seed-based (& therefore reproductible) series of seemingly random numbers. the first thing I do, line 1 is to create a self contained PRNG object (it’s a Mersenne … [Read more…]

Le Grand Orchestre Des Animaux


I worked for the past 3 months on a website with the good people at Upian for the good people of La Fondation Cartier, pour l’art contemporain. It is called: Le Grand Orchestre Des Animaux (The Great Animal Orchestra) and is based on the work of Bernie Krause, a man who dedicated his life to recording the sounds of nature and raising awareness about its degradation … [Read more…]



I just came back from Lisbon, each and every friend of mine told me about a very enjoyable place with lovely people, none of them – fools ! – told me about Azulejos. when I unknowingly found the first wall covered with them, I thought it was some fancy pants landlord trying to show off, but after passing in front of dozens … [Read more…]

tracing things


tracing is one of the earliest forms of computer arts, a good read if you’ve never heard of it via retweeted by BitcraftLab. the more recent takes, with bigger formats and the use of colors always strike me with the complexity of their patterns and yet plotters use the simplest tools available: points, lines and curves. there are so many things … [Read more…]